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Music "La Plena"

02/18/2014 20:24
Plena (Spanish Version) Plena was born in the working class barrios of Ponce, Puerto Rico about 100 years ago. It was known as "el periodico cantado" (the sung newspaper) because it contained stories about the history and everyday life of the people. Plena's origins can be traced back to the...

What is a Boricua Jibaro?

02/18/2014 20:21
What is a Jíbaro?                                                    ...

Taino Music And Instruments

02/18/2014 19:50
  Taino Music & Musical Instruments   Music played a very significant role in the everyday life and also in daily rituals. The Taíno used the music to recall and to recount their history, for celebrations and special events, and to communicate with their spiritual guides, their...


02/18/2014 19:47
Taino Symbols of Puerto Rico: An Introduction by captaintim on August 6, 2013   inShare Puerto Rico was once inhabited by the Taino Indians long before Columbus arrived in 1493.  They were primarily farmers and fisherman.  After the arrival of the Spanish...

On Trail Colombus VS Taino People

02/18/2014 19:14
On Trail - Columbus vs Taino People.doc (55 kB)

Tainos: The Suffering

02/18/2014 18:42
Tainos: The Suffering The following paragraphs are from Las Casas book "A Short Account Of The Destruction Of the Indies," Penguin Books, Edited and Translated by Nigel Griffin. The accounts are of the abuses committed by the Spanish against the Taino Indians of the Caribbean: The Man Bartoloméde...

Who are the Tainos?

02/18/2014 18:35
gateway to the Americas from the Eastern Hemisphere after Columbus' second voyage in 1493. This route continued to be used by foreign sailors until the invention of steamships. The Caribs were the inspiration for Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" while Taíno epic stories influenced the writing...

More truth

02/18/2014 18:24
See also Christopher Columbus Columbus Day Native American Heritage Genocide crimes against humanity   GENOCIDE AGAINST THE ARAWAK/TAINO INDIANS There is a great debate as to just how many Arawak/Taino inhabited Hispaniola when Columbus landed in 1492. Some of the early...

A Day In History Christopher Colombus

02/18/2014 18:17
Christopher Columbus: The murderous truth Columbus Day was first recognized as a state holiday in Colorado in 1906 and a national holiday more than 30 years later. Prior to 1934, Columbus' journey to the "New World," was celebrated every 100 years, most notably in New York and cities that housed...

The Dark Truth

02/18/2014 18:11
Once again, it's time to celebrate Columbus Day. Yet, the stunning truth is: If Christopher Columbus were alive today, he would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Columbus' reign of terror, as documented by noted historians, was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel, that Columbus...
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