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In a Small Haitian Village, Aid Efforts Take on a Human Face

02/19/2014 02:36
by Christine Parrish Staff Writer We turned off the paved highway onto a narrow dirt road running between banana trees and shacks selling Coca-Cola and bottles of acid-green soda pop. A deep ditch ran along one side of the lane, and at our approach skinny young boys in shorts scrambled across...

Portugal sigue el rastro de los taínos cubanos en una exposición de pintura

02/19/2014 02:33
La Casa de América Latina de Lisboa acoge una muestra con la que los portugueses pueden seguir el rastro de la cultura taína en Cuba, a través de pinturas que evocan el estilo de vida y la cultura de este extinto pueblo caribeño. Lisboa, 29 ene.- La Casa de América Latina de Lisboa acoge una...

Puerto Rico to Turn Story of Taino Chief’s Victory Into TV Series

02/19/2014 02:31
The sixteenth century story of a great Taino chief and one of the first indigenous victories against the Spanish is being turned into a six-part television series in Puerto Rico. On January 7th producers of “They Are Not Gods” announced the beginning of shooting the saga of the Battle...

Giant Christopher Columbus Monument to Set Foot in Puerto Rico

02/19/2014 02:24
Print   Email   Share 0 Comments   A giant statute -- as in almost 300 feet high -- that pays tribute to Christopher Columbus is set to go up in Puerto Rico. The monument would be the tallest structure in the Caribbean and among the tallest statues in the world. So far,...

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02/18/2014 22:17

Taino Indian Way Of Life

02/18/2014 21:56
Taíno people-  Viviendas de los Tainos Los taínos vivían en las metrópolis llamada yucayeques, que variaban en tamaño dependiendo de la localización, siendo las de Puerto Rico y La Española (República Dominicana y Haití) el más grande y los de las Bahamas es el más pequeño. En el centro de un...

Visitors notice

02/18/2014 21:35
You will see a lot of the "Boriken" Culture. We are NOT Hispanics, and we are not Latinos! We are Tainos! Others will call themselves Boricua. I will guide you on the truth about my roots from day one to then age of the "Jibarito". This way you will understand who we are.No one can tell us who we...

Website launched

02/18/2014 21:34
I began this Website, because a lot of us, have been born here in the United States, and have never learned about their culture.I also created within in mind, "My Culture" where I come from, my blood, my people, and to bring us closer to our Island. To correct many things said, and myths speeches...

""Spanish Language"

02/18/2014 21:34
Un poquito de Aquí y de Allá ... sin ton ni...

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02/18/2014 21:34
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